Would you like to combine your Loans?

There are several reasons why merging different loans is interesting for you.

Below we list a number of reasons for you:

You get an overview

First you get an overview. Instead of multiple loans, multiple direct debits from your bank account and various (high) interest rates. You will receive: 1 new loan with 1 direct debit from your bank account at a considerably lower interest rate! This way you can also combine your loans cheaply.

You are going to save money

In 9 out of 10 situations you will save considerably money by merging your loans. In the following cases you can even realize a big saving :

  1. You have multiple loans outstanding including one or more of the following types of credit:
    • A revolving credit or a personal loan
    • A shipping home credit
    • Credit card
    • Redstand at your bank
  2. By adding up all amounts to one new loan, you qualify for lower interest rates than if you now pay per individual loan. This is because a lower loan amount has a higher interest rate. Simply summing up immediately means a saving that you qualify for lower interest rates.

It is easy

Merging loans is relatively easy. It requires some time and a little effort from you. A small investment that can bring a big advantage. Unfortunately, in many cases we see that some consumers are disappointed. What can you do? Simple!

Request a quote free of charge and without obligation and take the test to the sum! This obliges you to nothing, but gives you insight into your savings possibilities.

Did you know that?

  • A higher limit of a loan is accompanied by lower interest rates!
  • You can also split a loan into a Personal Loan , which means that you redeem part of it, and a revolving credit , where you can keep money behind for unforeseen expenses. You can withdraw repaid amounts.
  • You can request multiple quotes from us with just one push of a button. This makes it easier to combine your loans cheaply.
  • Do we provide you with an insight into how much you can save by adding your loans?

What can we offer you?

We examines for you whether you can combine the total debt against a loan with a lower interest rate and, if you wish, a monthly installment. Naturally in accordance with your own wishes.

Request a free quote directly from us !! We will let you know as quickly as possible how much money you can save.

See what you can save with our loan.