The new way of requesting a loan

Do you want to borrow money? And would you like something other than a number that is requesting a loan?

doorlopend krediet oversluiten

Then you have made good progress with Loan company. Loan company has existed since 1999. That certainly does not mean that we are an old-fashioned organization, just not. We renew every day again. Every day we look at whether and how something else can be done to put your interests first. For us there is only one interest, the customer interest. Surprise yourself by applying for a loan from us . We let you immediately see what we mean by the new loan. And fine, you decide which credit you will take out.

Borrow money in 4 easy steps

To request

Simply apply for your loan on our application form 2

We are going to work

We assess your application. In case of an agreement on your request, we will contact you directly 3

Sending the quotation

We will discuss the proposal with you. Then we will mail the credit agreement to you with clearly the offer and necessary documents 4

Do you agree?

Then you can sign the offer and return it to us by mail with the necessary documents. 

Why borrow money from us

There are many different parties where you can borrow money. The question is, why borrow money from us? This is not a difficult question for us to answer. Borrowing money at us is like a nice bath, or your tastiest coat. We ensure that the loan you wish is fully in line with your situation. Of course we also understand that a loan is not a ‘nice’ product. But we make it as pleasant as possible. We do this by giving clear advice, listening to your wishes. This allows us to align the credit with what you feel comfortable with.
Of course we always look for the lowest interest rates and the best conditions. How about, for example, our sharpest interest rate of only 4.1%?

Borrow money with the good feeling

If you take out a loan through Loan company, this must be a loan with a good feeling. You must have confidence in our organization. Have confidence in the lender. We make every effort for this every day. Every day we try to make our organization better to serve you as well as possible. That is one of the important values ​​of us.

Attractive offer

Do you also want an attractive offer? Taking out a loan from the Dutch Credit Agency is always advantageous. It is not for nothing that we can offer you an interest rate from 4.1%. The lowest interest rate in the Netherlands. And that is not all. We can also offer as one of the few in the Netherlands a personal loan with a duration of no less than 180 months! And not only to absorb your residual debt. With this loan you can also transfer your current, too expensive loan.

You ‘sit at the wheel’

At us ‘you are at the wheel’. Here we mean that you can choose on our application form which credit form you wish to conclude. You can choose from the revolving credit or the personal loan. You decide this yourself.

Fun to know about borrowing money

What does a loan cost?

Requesting a loan is free of charge. You can always request your loan from us free of charge and without obligation. Even if we have the loan paid out for you, no separate costs are owed. Borrowing money, costs money. But requesting a loan costs you nothing and obliges you to do nothing.

Can I transfer my current loan?

If you already have a loan, we would of course like to see if it can be more advantageous for you. Together with you, we explore the possibilities to transfer your current credit more advantageously so that you pay less per month on your loan. This does not cost you anything else. We like to think along with you.

What can I borrow for?

You can take out a loan for different purposes. You can borrow money for a car, a boat, a caravan or a renovation. Of course it is also possible to have your current loan made cheaper by us. What you spend the money we always ask after. We also include this in our customer profile. You can borrow for many different things.

When can I not get a loan?

There are situations when it is not possible to get funding. Think of a negative BKR registration. Even if you have a benefit or unemployment benefit, it is not possible to obtain a credit. In addition, an income test is always done by the banks. This is done only because we obviously only want to provide loans in a responsible manner.