Take out a loan; How does it work ?

We lend you the lowest possible costs!

We do not charge any closure or consultancy costs for our services. And with the quotation module you can also request multiple quotations.

Step 1: Request a quote; Arranged in a few minutes!

In two short steps you apply for a loan and you make your own choice for the desired loan form, the interest rate and the desired monthly payment. In S tap 1 you enter your personal details. This way you can indicate whether you want to pay off any current loans. In S tap 2 we show you an overview of the banks with which we work together and you can request one or more offers with one click.

Step 2: You will receive your loan options by mail

You will receive an overview of the quotation options from the banks with which we work. These are:

  • Interbank, Quander, Nationale-Nederlanden and Defam

The above banks are specialized consumer credit banks and are therefore able to offer the lowest interest rates in the market. By default, we present you the lowest possible interest rate proposals in one overview.

Step 3: You determine your choice yourself

Borrowing money is an important financial decision that you generally commit for a longer period. We therefore advise you to take the time and to study the various possibilities and offers extensively.

When you have made your choice afterwards, you sign the quotation and send it back to us. When returning the offer, it is important that you add a few documents. The documents to be attached can be found on the checklist enclosed with the quotation.

Which documents should be included as a rule? View the overview here .

Step 4: Check documents and payout loan

After we have received the documents, we check them for completeness. When everything is complete, we send it to the bank for “final check”. In general, it will then take a maximum of two business days before you have the money in your account.

Execution only

We mediates without advice, also called ‘execution only’ . This type of service is only suitable for consumers who have sufficient knowledge and experience. For more information about us’s services, please visit here .