Request a personal loan for a renovation? Arrange it online

Do you want to remodel your house? That is a very sensible decision for now and in the future.

But when you renovate, you will see more than you think. Because of the strict regulations in the Netherlands there are often permits that you have to apply for. In addition, you must find a contractor that you can trust and apply a fair price for realizing your wishes.

Often the problem is the biggest problem. In the past it was often decided to take out a second mortgage for a renovation. But because house prices have hardly risen in recent years, this is often no longer possible nowadays.

Borrow money for renovation

Does this mean that borrowing money for a renovation has become impossible? Certainly not, but nowadays it is usually wiser to request a personal loan for a renovation. It is possible to improve your living comfort in the short term, without having to meet the strict acceptance criteria for a second mortgage. we works together with lenders who can provide a personal loan up to € 125,000 for a renovation. In addition, a sister organization can see if it is possible to finance your renovation with a second mortgage. Especially when your mortgage has been partially repaid, there are often opportunities for this. We always look for a solution that best suits your personal situation.

Have you already taken out a loan for a renovation at a bank or other lender? No problem, with us you can also go for refinancing your current loan. By cooperating with specialized lenders, we can in many cases ensure a large saving on your monthly costs. As an independent service provider, we are not bound to a specific lender. This allows us to ensure the lowest possible interest rate and the most favorable conditions on your credit. In addition, you can repay any personal loan with us at no extra cost. You ultimately decide for yourself how long you are paying off your loan. Handy if you have the financial space to repay once.

Why borrow money for renovation with us?

No extra costs for our services
Free and free advice
Always available for questions, complaints or problems
We look at the possibility of a second mortgage
Borrow money for conversion from 4.3% interest