Online loans for people with bad credit -Apply for a loan when you have bad credit? View your options online

Apply for a loan when you have bad credit? View your options online

Within 1 day you get an overview of what you can borrow. Borrowing in the cheapest way, that’s what we offer you. Are you planning to borrow money for a car, refurbishment or for example a new camper? Then we are happy to help you!

Where can you take out a loan?

Are you planning to apply for a loan but have no idea where this is most advantageous? Then there are a few tips to help you further. With us, we charge an interest rate of 3.9 %. Borrowing money is possible at the major banks, many consumers also choose to borrow money from their home banker. Familiar and affordable! At least that seems so.

Borrowing money from a major bank is, therefore, more expensive than borrowing from a professional loan intermediary such as our company. We work together with more specialized consumer loan banks that can offer attractive products at the lowest interest rates in the market. The interest rates are much lower than with the major banks.

Familiar borrowing

Our company has been active for many years as a specialized loan broker. We do nothing else when customers who mediate a loan need go to the most advantageous loan with a consumer loan bank. Banks that are supervised by De Nederlandse Bank. us has a license from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for brokering consumer loan. In addition, and we find that much more important, we offer a good service to our customers who appreciate us with an average rating of no less than 9.1!

Take out a loan in 4 steps

You can take out a Title, Installment, or Payday loan in 4 short steps. How does it work? On the basis of a few details that you fill in on our application form, we look for the most advantageous and suitable quotation. As a rule, a quotation will be prepared for you within 24 hours in the “my environment” to which you will have access after sending the application form. The 4 steps are:

  1. Request quote
  2. View quotation options in the secured “my environment”
  3. You decide what you want and you can upload the necessary documents in the “my environment”
  4. Checking documents and payment within 1 working day

Where do you have to pay attention when taking out a loan?

  • Is borrowing really necessary? As everyone knows, borrowing money costs money. When it is not necessary, it is always better to save for your purpose instead of borrowing the money. First of all, that is better because you then do not have to pay interest and secondly you save the monthly installment that has to be paid. So think well in advance if borrowing is necessary or not.
  • Suppose you decide to borrow money, then calculate how much you can put aside monthly for the repayment and how long it will take to pay off. Determine the loan amount by answering a few questions that tell you how much you can borrow. Requesting a quote gives you that exact image is free and does not oblige you to anything!
  • Compare interest rates and conditions. There are many different interest rates and many providers, so it is difficult to know which provider suits you best. Do not go on ice overnight and ask for multiple offers to study. us helps you further, with us you can suddenly request multiple offers and assess at your convenience.
  • Choose the right duration. This tip is sometimes overlooked, but this is one of the most important, so pay attention. Consider the useful life of the loan goal. You borrow for example for a car. Make sure that you adjust the term of the loan to the useful life of the car. And pay attention that you no longer pay the loan while you are no longer driving in the car.

Curious about your options? Request one or more quotations for free and without obligation and see what suits you best!