No costs are charged when mediating a loan

Never pay for taking out a loan.

The Netherlands is still too expensive

Did you know that the mediation of a loan is always free? Whether or not you want advice on a loan makes no difference. Borrowing money costs money, but mediating a loan can not be charged. Are you still charged for mediating a loan? Then the chances are very high that you are dealing with a malicious provider.

Also advice about money always borrow free?

From the above you can conclude that with a loan no mediation fee may be charged. This is also legally laid down in the Consumer Credit Act .
No costs may be charged when you take out a loan. That’s nice. There are no snakes in the grass. How you want to turn it or turn it. Mediation with a loan must be free. Borrowing money costs money, but then it only refers to the interest on the loan. Are costs charged? Then you can report this to the Authority for the Financial Markets. They can act directly against such malicious, providers.

When will costs be charged?

As already indicated sufficiently, no costs are charged when mediating a loan. The mediator is rewarded by the bank. You may be charged for mediating payment protection. Such as term insurance and the like. The premiums for this are net premiums. This means that nothing is earned by the mediator. The mediator may charge costs if these insurance policies are brokered. These costs are € 99.00. The policy administration is provided for this. The assistance with a claim is also done for this. If you request a quotation from us, we also always state clearly in the interview that the mediation of the loan is free of charge. You will be charged for mediating insurance.

Who are the victims

Groups that are most affected by providers who do want to receive money for mediating a loan are often also vulnerable. They are consumers in a hopeless position. Consumers for which borrowing money is not possible because of their negative BKR registration, too low income, or sometimes even a combination of these two factors. This is the reason for the AFM to intervene quickly if there are indications of such practices. If a provider also wants to offer you something similar, we advise you to contact the AFM directly. And of course not to make payments. The bad news is that the loan will never be paid to you.