Need a boat loan? Borrow money for a boat with us!

Boat loan

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Did you drop your eye on a beautiful boat, but does the financial network not look good? Then a boat loan can be a good solution. At our company we ensure that your application for the loan is in good hands. We will work for you for the lowest interest rates and the best conditions. Borrowing money for a boat is of course possible in different ways. You can opt for the personal loan , a revolving credit or a combination of both loans. With which you fix a part permanently, and in part have money behind it.

The three steps for your advantageous boat loan

Borrow money for your boat in a responsible way

The application

To determine whether borrowing money is possible for you, we need some information from you. You can leave your data online. Once you have completed the application, the data will enter us in the system.

The Assessment

We assess your application directly. We will check for you whether the credit is payable according to current VFN standards, so that it is a responsible credit. If your request is approved, we will email the quotation. You will then have it quickly.

The payout

If you agree with the quotation, you can sign it, scan it and mail it with the requested documents. We assess your documents as soon as possible. You can pay within 48 hours.