Merge loans

Merge loans . “Why would I start on it?” now you may think.

After all, everyone is not interested in that research. Nevertheless, the combination of loans and any credits can give you a lot of benefit! Without it having to cost you a lot of time, by the way. us can take a few things off your hands. So why choose to merge? Because it regularly occurs that people have multiple loans and credits with different parties. Combining this can ensure that you not only get a much clearer administration (and one monthly bill), but can also provide lower monthly costs. Do you want to know exactly how that is? Read more then!

Merge a loan?

Borrowing loans / credits: what is that?

You have multiple (small) loans and loans. For example, you have a loan to pay for the renovation of your kitchen and a revolving credit because you like to have some money back when you need it. When you merge, you transfer all these loans to one provider. In fact, you borrow one large amount from one bank or credit institution and resolve all other outstanding loans.

Why are you doing that?

Because with small accounts a higher interest rate is often charged than with larger loans. So joining a loan ensures that you are more profitable in most cases. Your monthly costs will be lower and also much clearer. After all, you will be presented everything on one account.

Are there no drawbacks?

Honest is fair, every disadvantage has its advantage – but vice versa too often. Of course there are aspects that you should take into account. Sometimes there are costs associated with repaying your loan in one go. Especially with personal loans, a penalty interest is often calculated. In that case, the question is whether this penalty interest outweighs the benefit of the loan !

If you merge a revolving credit, the above does not always apply. The difference is in fixed or variable interest. If you have a loan with a fixed interest rate, you may incur costs in the event of early repayment. Have you taken out a loan with variable interest? In that case, it is legally established that the lender may not charge you for the early repayment or transfer of a product!

To clarify this, examples of a fixed-rate loan are personal loans and many car loans. Loans with variable interest rates include the revolving credit, flexible credit, interest credits and shopping cards.

Merge a loan? Pay attention!

After reading the above information, you may have decided that you want to know more. The first and most important question is that: the merging of your loans and / or loans, will that be beneficial for you? You make an initial check with our online savings tool. This does not give a definite answer, but a global, first image. The second important question: are you eligible for the services of Willie Stark ? Do you have no backlog at the BKR in Tiel? Then there is usually no problem. Please also note that you receive not only a social assistance benefit, unemployment benefit or self-employed entrepreneur / self-employed person less than three years old. Unfortunately, we can not be of service in these cases .

What are we going to do for you?

Our online tool has shown that combining your loans and credits could be very advantageous for you. Good news! You therefore requested an offer and received a no-obligation proposal from Willie Stark within 24 hours. You may have had some questions and were assisted by one of our friendly staff. As a result, you decided to hire Leningvision as an expert. A sensible decision, because you have to have the necessary knowledge in-house to determine with which provider you will now place these loans / credits. Willie has specialists who work on a daily basis with the advantageous transfer and merging of various types of loans for our clients. Thanks to their experience, these credit and mortgage advisers know better than anyone else how to make your finances transparent.

What are these advisers doing specifically for you? First of all, they carefully map out your financial situation and then look for the best solution for your case. With which provider can you best place your loans? The advice takes into account various important factors such as the interest rate for early redemption, the interest rates, the term, but also other conditions. The aim is obviously to achieve a financially more advantageous situation. We always find the lowest interest rate for you, that’s a guarantee!

Providers that are compared to each other are:

  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • The Dutch Advance Bank
  • DEFAM (100% subsidiary of ABN-AMRO)
  • Alfam Consumer Credit
  • InterBank
  • Ribank

However, the role of us does not yet stop here. As a customer, you also benefit from our free transfer service. Concretely this means: no closing costs, no consultancy costs and no cancellation costs. Not only advice, but also the practical part is arranged by specialists. Have loans combined? Thanks to Willie Stark, this is completely worry-free for you!

Are you already convinced?

Are you already convinced of the advantages of merging your various loans and / or loans? And are you already convinced of the specialism of us? We would like to show you what we have in house! So ask today for our free and completely free quote! With us the customer is still king: we do everything for it! It is not for nothing that no less than 100% of our customers recommend our services!