Loan with insurance

Of course you do not borrow money in an irresponsible way. What happens if one of you dies, or in case of involuntary unemployment or incapacity for work? All things to take into account when you enter into a financial obligation for a longer period. Now there are providers where borrowing money with free life […]

Request a personal loan for a renovation? Arrange it online

Do you want to remodel your house? That is a very sensible decision for now and in the future. But when you renovate, you will see more than you think. Because of the strict regulations in the Netherlands there are often permits that you have to apply for. In addition, you must find a contractor […]

Would you like to combine your Loans?

There are several reasons why merging different loans is interesting for you. Below we list a number of reasons for you: You get an overview First you get an overview. Instead of multiple loans, multiple direct debits from your bank account and various (high) interest rates. You will receive: 1 new loan with 1 direct […]

Need car loan? Borrow money for a car with us!

Need car loan? Borrow responsible and profitable. At our company you can take out a car loan at the lowest interest rates and the best conditions. When applying for a car loan, there are always a number of things that you have to take into account. At our company you choose which form of borrowing […]

Take out a loan; How does it work ?

We lend you the lowest possible costs! We do not charge any closure or consultancy costs for our services. And with the quotation module you can also request multiple quotations. Step 1: Request a quote; Arranged in a few minutes! In two short steps you apply for a loan and you make your own choice […]

No costs are charged when mediating a loan

Never pay for taking out a loan. Did you know that the mediation of a loan is always free? Whether or not you want advice on a loan makes no difference. Borrowing money costs money, but mediating a loan can not be charged. Are you still charged for mediating a loan? Then the chances are […]

Holiday loans

Borrow money for vacation Of course, you can take out a loan for different purposes. A common loan goal, especially during the months of March, April and May is the holiday. But how do you ensure that you borrow money for vacation? The prospect of a beautiful holiday is of course fantastic. But how do […]

Take out a loan? Easily arrange it online

Do you want to loan for a car, refurbishment or another big purchase? We can help you finance your wishes. By cooperating with specialized lenders, we can provide a loan with low interest rates and favorable conditions. Have you already taken out a loan with your bank or another party? Then you can often save […]

Request a personal loan

With characteristics such as fixed term, fixed interest and a fixed monthly installment, you will know exactly where you stand at the Personal Loan.   You know in advance what you lend and how long you have to pay the agreed monthly payment. Clear, clear and clear so no unpleasant surprises. Request a personal loan […]

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