Loan with insurance

Of course you do not borrow money in an irresponsible way.

geld lenen met gratis overlijdensverzekering

What happens if one of you dies, or in case of involuntary unemployment or incapacity for work? All things to take into account when you enter into a financial obligation for a longer period.
Now there are providers where borrowing money with free life insurance is possible. But, is this really cheaper? Are you really cheaper with a loan with free life insurance? We are happy to tell you what you can pay attention to.


In the past, until about 15 years ago, there were several providers where you could take out a loan including a so-called free life insurance policy. Nowadays, almost all providers, providers of “bare” loans. A loan where you are therefore always uninsured. With the arrival of a new provider, this has changed. But how beneficial is this money to borrow with free life insurance? We are happy to calculate it for you.

A calculation example for a loan with and without free life insurance

To make it transparent, we are happy to provide you with a calculation example. We assume the lowest interest rates currently available in the market and a loan amount of € 25,000 with a term of 120 months.
With a loan without the free life insurance policy the interest is 4.1%. With an interest rate with a “free” life insurance policy, the lowest interest rate is 4.4%. In the case of free insurance, this is for both persons.
To make the comparison fair, we will look at the total costs for the loan.
With the 4.1% loan you pay a total of € 30,409.00
With the loan of 4.4% you pay a total of € 30,822.79
Borrowing money with free term life insurance is therefore more expensive, actually logical, because you also get more.
The difference between the products is € 413.00. An important question is therefore what the separate death insurance costs.
If the insurance is more expensive than € 3.44 per month and you want to have the loan insured for the death risks for both of you. Then you are more profitable with a loan with the standard term life insurance.

Also pay attention to one-off costs

In addition to the premium for the term life insurance, it is also wise to take into account the one-off costs.
The Consumer Credit Act already stipulates that no costs may be charged when a loan is taken out. However, this is different for mediating insurance.
Insurance with a loan is very advantageous nowadays. This is because these products are non-commissioned products. Nothing is earned on it. Because work is being done for the advice, one-off costs will be charged to you. This can vary in amounts from € 99 to € 495. Borrowing a loan with free life insurance is therefore soon cheaper.

Knowing more?

Do you want to know what is most beneficial in your situation? We will be happy to assess it for you and we will gladly discuss the results with you. Even if you already have a loan with a separate life insurance policy, it can be advantageous to convert it into a loan in which the term life insurance policy is ‘built-in’.

Request a personal loan for a renovation? Arrange it online

Do you want to remodel your house? That is a very sensible decision for now and in the future.

But when you renovate, you will see more than you think. Because of the strict regulations in the Netherlands there are often permits that you have to apply for. In addition, you must find a contractor that you can trust and apply a fair price for realizing your wishes.

Often the problem is the biggest problem. In the past it was often decided to take out a second mortgage for a renovation. But because house prices have hardly risen in recent years, this is often no longer possible nowadays.

Borrow money for renovation

Does this mean that borrowing money for a renovation has become impossible? Certainly not, but nowadays it is usually wiser to request a personal loan for a renovation. It is possible to improve your living comfort in the short term, without having to meet the strict acceptance criteria for a second mortgage. we works together with lenders who can provide a personal loan up to € 125,000 for a renovation. In addition, a sister organization can see if it is possible to finance your renovation with a second mortgage. Especially when your mortgage has been partially repaid, there are often opportunities for this. We always look for a solution that best suits your personal situation.

Have you already taken out a loan for a renovation at a bank or other lender? No problem, with us you can also go for refinancing your current loan. By cooperating with specialized lenders, we can in many cases ensure a large saving on your monthly costs. As an independent service provider, we are not bound to a specific lender. This allows us to ensure the lowest possible interest rate and the most favorable conditions on your credit. In addition, you can repay any personal loan with us at no extra cost. You ultimately decide for yourself how long you are paying off your loan. Handy if you have the financial space to repay once.

Why borrow money for renovation with us?

No extra costs for our services
Free and free advice
Always available for questions, complaints or problems
We look at the possibility of a second mortgage
Borrow money for conversion from 4.3% interest

Would you like to combine your Loans?

There are several reasons why merging different loans is interesting for you.

Below we list a number of reasons for you:

You get an overview

First you get an overview. Instead of multiple loans, multiple direct debits from your bank account and various (high) interest rates. You will receive: 1 new loan with 1 direct debit from your bank account at a considerably lower interest rate! This way you can also combine your loans cheaply.

You are going to save money

In 9 out of 10 situations you will save considerably money by merging your loans. In the following cases you can even realize a big saving :

  1. You have multiple loans outstanding including one or more of the following types of credit:
    • A revolving credit or a personal loan
    • A shipping home credit
    • Credit card
    • Redstand at your bank
  2. By adding up all amounts to one new loan, you qualify for lower interest rates than if you now pay per individual loan. This is because a lower loan amount has a higher interest rate. Simply summing up immediately means a saving that you qualify for lower interest rates.

It is easy

Merging loans is relatively easy. It requires some time and a little effort from you. A small investment that can bring a big advantage. Unfortunately, in many cases we see that some consumers are disappointed. What can you do? Simple!

Request a quote free of charge and without obligation and take the test to the sum! This obliges you to nothing, but gives you insight into your savings possibilities.

Did you know that?

  • A higher limit of a loan is accompanied by lower interest rates!
  • You can also split a loan into a Personal Loan , which means that you redeem part of it, and a revolving credit , where you can keep money behind for unforeseen expenses. You can withdraw repaid amounts.
  • You can request multiple quotes from us with just one push of a button. This makes it easier to combine your loans cheaply.
  • Do we provide you with an insight into how much you can save by adding your loans?

What can we offer you?

We examines for you whether you can combine the total debt against a loan with a lower interest rate and, if you wish, a monthly installment. Naturally in accordance with your own wishes.

Request a free quote directly from us !! We will let you know as quickly as possible how much money you can save.

See what you can save with our loan.

Need car loan? Borrow money for a car with us!

Need car loan? Borrow responsible and profitable.

Need car loan? Borrow responsible and profitable.

At our company you can take out a car loan at the lowest interest rates and the best conditions. When applying for a car loan, there are always a number of things that you have to take into account. At our company you choose which form of borrowing money suits you best. Did you know that taking out a personal loan is often seen as the best advice for a car loan? A personal loan has a fixed, low interest rate. And a fixed term. This allows you to match the expected term of the loan with the expected term of the car to be purchased. It is very annoying if you still have to pay on a loan, while the car is already no longer in your possession.

Request your advantageous car loan

Five tips for taking out a car loan

Borrowing money for a car may happen more often than you think. Especially when it comes to new cars, the number of cars purchased with a car financing is large. To help you make the right choice for a loan, we would like to give you five tips. These tips can help you save a lot of money.

Tip 1:

Talk a budget in advance

Before you even start looking at a car, it’s good to have a few things to agree on. For example, when it comes to the amount that you want to spend as much as possible. This is important to do because the temptation to “keep borrowing a little more” is kept as small as possible. A little more borrowing costs only a few euros per month extra. Keep in mind, however, that not only the car loan is more expensive, but also the insurance if you choose a more expensive car. And often also the consumption.

Tip 2:

Go compare car loans

If you have found the car of your dreams, you want it as quickly as possible. This applies in any case to many consumers. We still recommend to compare loans with each other. Also car loans. Ask advice from various providers and look at the lowest interest rates and the lowest total costs for the loan. We therefore recommend that you always request a quote for your car loan from several suppliers.

Tip 3

Car purchased with borrowed money? Make sure the car is well.

If you buy a car with borrowed money, do not think about what will happen if the car hits total loss. Your car is worth nothing more, while you still have to pay at the car loan. Therefore make sure that the car is well insured as long as you have the loan still running. Credit Group Netherlands is happy to give you responsible and free advice about the loan. Make sure you also receive responsible advice with regard to car insurance.

Tip 4:

Match the expected life and loan duration

If the car is no longer in your possession, you naturally do not want to pay anything for the car. Therefore make sure that the car loan is paid at the moment you expect that you will no longer drive in the car. There have been many people in the past who have taken out an ongoing loan for a car. The loan is currently still running, while the car has been depreciated over a long time.

Tip 5:

A (newer) car often costs more money, first save

Before you start borrowing money for a car it is advisable to first check whether you can miss the expected monthly period. You must therefore first check whether the amount that you will have to pay per month for the loan can be structurally borne by you. When buying a new car you also need a new insurance for your car. In general, this is more expensive than with your previous car. Also do not underestimate the maintenance of the car and other additional costs.

Car loan for a new or used car

You might expect a difference between the interest rates on a new car and an occasion. Yet this makes no difference. If the bank provides you with a loan, no distinction is made between the old and the new car. At least not when it comes to the interest rate. Of course, banks look at the collateral. The higher the value of the car, the easier it is to finance an amount. Closing a car loan for a new car is not necessarily cheaper, but easier.
When you take out the loan, do you note that you take out a loan in which the term matches the life of the car? There is nothing more annoying than paying on your loan, while the car is no longer in your possession. At our company we always ensure that the term of the loan is in line with the expected life of the car.

Take out a loan; How does it work ?

We lend you the lowest possible costs!

We do not charge any closure or consultancy costs for our services. And with the quotation module you can also request multiple quotations.

Step 1: Request a quote; Arranged in a few minutes!

In two short steps you apply for a loan and you make your own choice for the desired loan form, the interest rate and the desired monthly payment. In S tap 1 you enter your personal details. This way you can indicate whether you want to pay off any current loans. In S tap 2 we show you an overview of the banks with which we work together and you can request one or more offers with one click.

Step 2: You will receive your loan options by mail

You will receive an overview of the quotation options from the banks with which we work. These are:

  • Interbank, Quander, Nationale-Nederlanden and Defam

The above banks are specialized consumer credit banks and are therefore able to offer the lowest interest rates in the market. By default, we present you the lowest possible interest rate proposals in one overview.

Step 3: You determine your choice yourself

Borrowing money is an important financial decision that you generally commit for a longer period. We therefore advise you to take the time and to study the various possibilities and offers extensively.

When you have made your choice afterwards, you sign the quotation and send it back to us. When returning the offer, it is important that you add a few documents. The documents to be attached can be found on the checklist enclosed with the quotation.

Which documents should be included as a rule? View the overview here .

Step 4: Check documents and payout loan

After we have received the documents, we check them for completeness. When everything is complete, we send it to the bank for “final check”. In general, it will then take a maximum of two business days before you have the money in your account.

Execution only

We mediates without advice, also called ‘execution only’ . This type of service is only suitable for consumers who have sufficient knowledge and experience. For more information about us’s services, please visit here .

Apply for loan? View your options online

With us you can apply for your loan completely online in two short steps.

Within 1 day you get an overview with what you can borrow. Borrowing in the cheapest way, that’s what we offer you. Are you planning to borrow money for a car, refurbishment or for example a new camper? Then we are happy to help you!

Where can you take out a loan?

Are you planning to apply for a loan but have no idea where this is most advantageous? Then here are a few tips to help you further. With us we charge an interest rate of 3.9% . Borrowing money is possible at the major banks, such as: ING, ABN-AMRO and Rabobank, many consumers also choose to borrow money from their home banker. Familiar and affordable! At least that seems so.

Borrowing money from a major bank is therefore more expensive than borrowing from a professional loan intermediary such as our company. We work together with more specialized consumer loan banks that can offer attractive products at the lowest interest rates in the market. The interest rates are much lower than with the major banks.

Familiar borrowing

Our company has been active for many years as a specialized loan broker. We do nothing else when customers who mediate a loan need go to the most advantageous loan with a consumer loan bank. Banks that are supervised by De Nederlandse Bank. us has a license from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for brokering consumer loan. In addition, and we find that much more important, we offer a good service to our customers who appreciate us with an average rating of no less than 9.1 !

Take out a loan in 4 steps

You can take out a loan in 4 short steps. How it works? On the basis of a few details that you fill in on our application form, we look for the most advantageous and suitable quotation. As a rule, a quotation will be prepared for you within 24 hours in the “my environment” to which you will have access after sending the application form. The 4 steps are:

  1. Request quote
  2. View quotation options in the secured “my environment”
  3. You decide what you want and you can upload the necessary documents in the “my environment”
  4. Checking documents and payment within 1 working day

Where do you have to pay attention when taking out loan?

  • Is borrowing really necessary? As everyone knows, borrowing money costs money. When it is not necessary, it is always better to save for your purpose instead of borrowing the money. First of all, that is better because you then do not have to pay interest and secondly you save the monthly installment that has to be paid. So think well in advance if borrowing is necessary or not.
  • Suppose you decide to borrow money, then calculate how much you can put aside monthly for the repayment and how long it will take to pay off. Determine the loan amount by answering a few questions that tell you how much you can borrow. Requesting a quote gives you that exact image, is free and does not oblige you to anything!
  • Compare interest rates and conditions. There are many different interest rates and many providers, so it is difficult to know which provider suits you best. Do not go on ice overnight and ask for multiple offers to study. us helps you further, with us you can suddenly request multiple offers and assess at your convenience.
  • Choose the right duration. This tip is sometimes overlooked, but this is one of the most important, so pay attention. Consider the useful life of the loan goal. You borrow for example for a car. Make sure that you adjust the term of the loan to the useful life of the car. And pay attention that you no longer pay the loan while you are no longer driving in the car.

Curious about your options? Request one or more quotations for free and without obligation and see what suits you best!

No costs are charged when mediating a loan

Never pay for taking out a loan.

The Netherlands is still too expensive

Did you know that the mediation of a loan is always free? Whether or not you want advice on a loan makes no difference. Borrowing money costs money, but mediating a loan can not be charged. Are you still charged for mediating a loan? Then the chances are very high that you are dealing with a malicious provider.

Also advice about money always borrow free?

From the above you can conclude that with a loan no mediation fee may be charged. This is also legally laid down in the Consumer Credit Act .
No costs may be charged when you take out a loan. That’s nice. There are no snakes in the grass. How you want to turn it or turn it. Mediation with a loan must be free. Borrowing money costs money, but then it only refers to the interest on the loan. Are costs charged? Then you can report this to the Authority for the Financial Markets. They can act directly against such malicious, providers.

When will costs be charged?

As already indicated sufficiently, no costs are charged when mediating a loan. The mediator is rewarded by the bank. You may be charged for mediating payment protection. Such as term insurance and the like. The premiums for this are net premiums. This means that nothing is earned by the mediator. The mediator may charge costs if these insurance policies are brokered. These costs are € 99.00. The policy administration is provided for this. The assistance with a claim is also done for this. If you request a quotation from us, we also always state clearly in the interview that the mediation of the loan is free of charge. You will be charged for mediating insurance.

Who are the victims

Groups that are most affected by providers who do want to receive money for mediating a loan are often also vulnerable. They are consumers in a hopeless position. Consumers for which borrowing money is not possible because of their negative BKR registration, too low income, or sometimes even a combination of these two factors. This is the reason for the AFM to intervene quickly if there are indications of such practices. If a provider also wants to offer you something similar, we advise you to contact the AFM directly. And of course not to make payments. The bad news is that the loan will never be paid to you.

Holiday loans

Borrow money for vacation

Geld lenen voor vakantie.

Of course, you can take out a loan for different purposes. A common loan goal, especially during the months of March, April and May is the holiday.
But how do you ensure that you borrow money for vacation? The prospect of a beautiful holiday is of course fantastic. But how do you ensure that the holiday loan also gives you a reasonable feeling? There are a number of useful tips for this.

Borrow money for holidays, what you should pay attention to

When borrowing money for holidays it is important to ensure that you quickly get rid of the loan. Paying for a holiday for years will make you feel less good about the holiday afterwards, and that is not what you want when you make the holiday of your dreams.
Therefore always ensure a short term of your loan. The monthly payment can then be higher, but it can give you a much better feeling about your loan afterwards.
Another important tip is if you are dealing with financial matters. Then also look at your current loans. Crossing a loan can save you a lot of money. In practice, we have seen this again this year. The transfer of loans can save you so much money that you can book a good holiday.
In many cases it is mainly the credit cards, the loans and the overdrafts on the payment account that borrow the money can make expensive.

Borrow money for vacation? Do not forget your insurance policies

Do you want to borrow money for vacation? Naturally, that is what our company can arrange for you. When you go on vacation, however, it is also important to think about your insurance policies. Nothing more annoying than finding out on holiday that the insurance against theft on holiday is not sufficient. Would you like to have everything assessed properly? Then we will gladly help you further. If you have taken out a loan from us, you may also have your insurance policies scrutinized by civil servants . Even if you are not a civil servant, you can still benefit from the discounts that civil servants receive. This is because Civil Service Insurance is part of the company.

Take out a loan? Easily arrange it online

Do you want to loan for a car, refurbishment or another big purchase? We can help you finance your wishes.

borrow money

By cooperating with specialized lenders, we can provide a loan with low interest rates and favorable conditions. Have you already taken out a loan with your bank or another party? Then you can often save money by refinancing your existing loan.

Borrowing money is very personal. Every person has different wishes, possibilities and circumstances.
You want to borrow money in a responsible way. It is also important to have a provider that suits you. That is why we like to explain how we works and what we can do for you.

Why borrow through us?

Attention to your personal situation

Our goal is to provide a loan that suits you. Depending on the reason why you want to borrow money, a certain credit can better suit your situation. Do you want to borrow a large amount of money at once? Then a personal loan is often a good solution. Do you want more spending, but do not know when you need the money? Then a continuous credit can be more sensible for you. That is why our consultants always look for the best solution for your situation.

No extra costs for our service

Our service is always free for you. We therefore do not ask for compensation for our advice and for taking out your loan. For this we receive monthly commission from the lender. This is in the amount you pay monthly for the interest on your credit. If you take out a new loan through us, you will therefore not incur additional costs. You only pay interest on the amount you borrow.

Always available by phone

With many providers, the service stops when the loan is paid out. Some are poor or even not accessible by phone. Others charge extra costs when you contact them. At we you can always go for questions, problems or changed circumstances. Even after you have received the credit.

Service after your loan has been taken out

In addition, we continue to look for opportunities to save money on your credit. The rules of lenders that we work with are regularly updated. As a result, it is often possible to get lower interest rates or better conditions. That is why we always check whether there are opportunities for improvement. Other providers prefer to use the compensation that they receive for TV advertising. We prefer to continue to provide good service to you.

What can you borrow money for?

There is a good solution for every situation. This depends not only on your income, but also on the reason to borrow money. That is why we like to explain what we can do for you in the following situations:

  • Car
  • Motor
  • Home improvement
  • Pay off debts
  • Financing solar panels
  • Finance kitchen

About us

We are an independent intermediary that focuses on the mediation of consumer loans. You can both apply for a new loan and for an existing loan from 4.3% interest . Because we cooperate with specialized lenders, we can often offer lower interest rates than your own bank. Our goal is to ensure that people borrow money in a responsible manner, without being confronted with high monthly payments. Our service is always free for you, for this we receive commission from your lender. You therefore pay no extra costs for our service and advice!

Request a personal loan

With characteristics such as fixed term, fixed interest and a fixed monthly installment, you will know exactly where you stand at the Personal Loan.


You know in advance what you lend and how long you have to pay the agreed monthly payment. Clear, clear and clear so no unpleasant surprises.

Request a personal loan online

Requesting a Personal Loan has done so. Only a few actions are required to request a free and no-obligation quotation. When you have a   If you want to apply for a loan, you can do this online at Rupert Birkin. You can apply for a Personal Loan in 2 simple steps and at any time.

Features Personal loan

  • You borrow a fixed amount once
  • You borrow at a fixed rate
  • You pay a fixed monthly installment for interest and repayment
  • You will receive a fixed term
  • You know in advance where you stand

Request quote

We can help you with applying for a Personal Loan for postal loans. Thanks to the online application process, you quickly have various quotations from the banks with which we work together and you simply opt for the best and most advantageous loan. Requesting a quote with us is free and completely free of obligation. Do you have any questions or do you want to apply for a personal loan immediately? We are happy to serve you!

Rates Personal loan

Credit amount Term amount Debit interest on an annual basis Annual percentage rate Duration credit agreement Total amount to be paid by the consumer
€ 50,000 € 509 3.9% 3.9% 120 months € 60.818
€ 30,000 € 304 4.0% 4.0% 120 months € 36,490
€ 10,000 € 110 5.9% 5.9% 120 months € 13,170

This calculation is a guideline and you can not derive any rights from it. We assume the lowest interest that we can offer you. The exact interest depends on your personal circumstances and may vary. The minimum duration is 6 months and the maximum duration is 120 months. The minimum interest rate is 3.9% and the maximum statutory interest rate is 14% per year.